Bus ticket blues is a song created in the My Pockets Music Project. #mypocketsmusic

Bus Ticket Blues – My Pockets Music

We created this song before lockdown with young people at Astra Youth Club in Hull, but still love to listen to it. It is inspiring us to try making music in new ways and with new purpose. More on that soon.

The song is about sofa surfing, having to buy a Macy D’s for the owner of the sofa and finding out the Macdonald’s voucher on your bus ticket isn’t valid. Our favourite lyric – ‘They said I could get one, but it was just lies. They wouldn’t even sell me some regular fries.’

My Pockets Music is a music and song writing project working with young people in Hull and East Yorkshire to support them in writing songs about their own lives and experiences. The project is supported by Spirit of 2012 and Youth Music.

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