Paste Ups

Paste Ups with Creative Voice

We have been making paste ups of images about phones. We worked with 3 groups of young people to create the images, paint them and then paste them up in shop windows in Hull. All the images say something about our relationship with our phones. The young people were very clear that although they love their phones they want to stop looking at them so much. It feels like this is something we all share.

It was a very creative project and at one point we did an amazing experiment. A Snap Chat message come in and we timed how long one phone addicted teenager could resist looking at it. She made it past 5 minutes, which was the goal we set, then started painting. She got completely absorbed in it. But the time she checked Snap Chat 1 and a half hours had passed. It was a great thing!

The project was supported by the brilliant Creative Voice who we love working with!





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